I’ve been having a hell of a time of it all recently. I had this amazing day on New Year’s Eve… went to yoga at noon and then spent the rest of the day helping A cook and prepare for the party. I swear, all I ate all day long was fresh fruits/veggies and some soy crisps. It was fantastic. It helped me to remember just exactly how much I love eating fresh fruits/veggies. They’re the best thing ever!

But ever since then it’s been really tough. We’re going through a tough spot financially right now and I can’t afford to go out and get myself the foods that I would want to be eating. So instead I’ve only been eating the foods that we have at home…pasta, cheese, tortillas, etc. Suckage. And I’ve been STARVING so I’ve been eating a whole ton of these bad foods. Aargh. Why does it always happen this way…just when I get inspired something goes wrong.

So basically I’m feeling generally down about eating well and all that stuff.

On an up note though, I’m leaving for Hawaii on Thursday, so that’s pretty exciting. Supposedly the hotel that we’re staying in is off in the middle of freakin’ nowhere. It’s a 45 minute walk to town, which means that there’s no way to avoid getting exercise. And there’s a pool, so I’m getting up every morning and going for a swim. I guess it’s on a beach that’s not really a swimming beach, but there are swimming beaches nearby too. So basically, this is going to be an entire week-long vacation of really nice light exercise. I can’t wait. And all the fresh fruit and fish I can eat! Yay!

And then when I get back I’m enforcing my new dietary plan. Salad for one meal per day, only fruit for snacks, and the likes. It’ll be good. I’ll write more about it when I’ve started.

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