Random list of things that I figure maybe people would want to know about me…

Act your age?
Depends on the situation.

Born on what day of the week? Sunday (full of grace).

Chore you hate? Washing dishes.

Chore you love? Cleaning the bathroom.

Dad’s name? Mark or Bill…I’ve got two of them.

Essential makeup item? None.

Favorite actor? That’s a toughie. John Malkovich, Ed Norton, William H. Macy, Chow Yun-Fat, etc.

Gold or silver? Silver.

Hometown? Depends on when you ask me…either New Haven, CT; Palo Alto, CA; or Cambridge, MA.

Instruments you play? None.

Job title? Student.

Kids? Not yet.

Living arrangements? Domestic partnership.

Mom’s name? Mary-Claire.

Need? A freakin’ clue about what to do with my life.

Overnight hospital stays? Not since I was born.

Phobias? Spiders, planes.

Quote you like? “And in the lowest deep a lower deep still threatening to devour me opens wide, to which the hell I suffer seems a heaven.” (Ain’t I just the sunniest person ever?)

Religious affiliation? Agnostic leaning towards atheist.

Siblings? None.

Time you wake up? Depends on when I went to bed.

Unique talent? Burping.

Vegetable you refuse to eat? I don’t refuse to eat any, but I really don’t like mushrooms.

Worst habit? Lazy as hell.

X-rays you’ve had? Only ever on my feet.

Yummy food you make? Sesame asparagus.

Zodiac Sign? Aquarius.


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