I have no inspiration today. I didn’t go to the gym yesterday (school) and I didn’t go the day before (ridiculously sore) so now here I am today just making up excuses for not going. The only real excuse I’ve got is that I just want to sit on the couch and watch movies all day. Totally not valid. Ack. And we’re doing an off-site day for school tomorrow (like a ropes course except less physical) so I’ve got no homework. Homework is generally a good inspiration for me, because it still means that there’s something I HAVE to do, which makes doing anything easier.

And I’ve already used all my inspiration tricks … looking at pictures of people I know who are in super good shape, reading everything on the runner’s world forums, weighing myself, etc. Nothing’s working. I hate days like this.


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  1. hey, some days you DO just need to sit and watch movies. I should do that one of these days!!
    a) I have some applesauce and apples for you!
    b) I think my working-too-much BF might be working saturday and its not supposed to be so nice out so I was thinking of trying a few different yoga centers, if you are interested
    c) Oysterfest is next weekend, might be heading capeside w/ some bikes (if it is warm enough)
    d) I am thinking once it gets too cold and annoying of taking a spa/ski weekend just for myself (no BF) maybe at stoweflake (in VT) it has yoga classes, a pool, and Stowe of course. A whole fitness studio, massage, etc. I feel like I haven’t indulged myself in forever. Maybe you’d want to come? My treat, of course ! 🙂

  2. God, why are you the biggest sweetheart ever? I feel so lucky to have you in my life. And honestly it’s not just because you support me financially, it’s because you offer wonderful support in a million different ways.

    Thank you for validating my need to sit around and watch movies all day. Coming from you that’s a huge deal! Now if only you could learn to validate that for yourself.

    I would love, love, love to go to Stowe with you this winter! They do allow snowboarders, right?

    And applesauce I most definitely want. I’m really excited for that.

    Not sure about Saturday. I will get in touch with you though. It’s a definite possibility.


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