Had an awesome, awesome, awesome time last night. L just recently told me about the Boston Skating Club, which on Tuesday nights does public skating. But it’s not just any public skating. It’s 18 plus (thank god, no annoying children for me to almost kill) and they’ve got a live organ player! Also, they do this incredibly awesome thing where the organ player will call out, “Ok, now it’s couples’ skate” and “Now it’s only skaters with hockey skates on,” etc. It’s so much fun! The majority of the people who skate there are quite old, which also makes the environment much more relaxed than anywhere else I’ve ever skated. It was great.

And my skating is improving in leaps and bounds! The last ten laps or so that I did last night were at my absolute top speed. I was working on doing cross-overs and finally realized that they accelerate you. So I just kept on going faster and faster and faster around the ring. Oooh, so much fun! And I think I finally get the concept of how they’re done. Really, I had always thought that I should learn how to do them while going slowly and then work on increasing my speed. Wrong. I think it’s actually impossible to do them properly while just creeping along. I’m so impressed with myself! And considering how exhausted my body was, I swear I must have burned about 200 calories just doing those 10 laps. Fantastic.

Other than that, I’ve decided to do something extreme with my diet. I want to try giving up dairy for a month. I’ve been noticing recently that my body seems to be reacting badly to dairy, so I just want to try living without it for a while … see if that makes me feel any better. Really, I don’t plan that it’s going to be a permanent thing. I got some soy creamer to put in my tea every day, and it actually isn’t too bad, so that’s not going to be a problem. The big thing for me is going to be cheese. Letting go of the cheese is going to be difficult.

Step away from the cheese.


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  1. You’re a better woman than I. No cheese? Um…. Of course I said the same thing when I gave up most french bread, and you know, I didn’t even break a sweat for that in the end, so…there.

    Were you ice skating or roller skating? That brought back so many memories! Couples skate! Good lord. Remember, All Skate and Reverse Skate. Hilarious.
    – Mia

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