I’ve started feeling really freaked out about all my friends leaving. And about the fact that I’m going to be leaving them very soon. The two Ls are heading up to VT shortly, and that puts me into a total panic. Then Heather’s moving to England for three years. And then Meag and Steve are moving back to upstate NY.

Now, I know that I too am simply following in this vein and will be heading myself up to VT in August, but it’s still freaking me out. I feel like we’re all scattering to the four corners of the world and will never again see each other.

Married life brings babies, which in turn bring commitments. And when there are commitments you can’t just pick up and head off for a weekend of fun and smoking pot and playing boardgames with friends. Instead there are diaper bags and screaming babies and really NEEDING to worry about your jobs and such. It’s terrifying!

And while I’m the first to admit that I’m totally jumping on this bandwagon of marriage/babies/commitment/moving away … I’m still going to miss my friends.

I guess the thing about it is that I don’t ever see them when they live within a half-hour drive of me, so how am I ever going to see them when they’re farther away?


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  1. Sometimes being further away makes it so that people make that effort to see each other though, where as when you live near each other it can be ‘well I’ll be sure to see them soon’ even though you don’t. I do see the L’s a lot though, just because of hockey and yoga for a while and such.

    Its amazing you are so ready to have kids – I do want to, but I think I am just not quite ready yet. Plus if I work a few more years I think I’d be ready to take a few years off for it which would be nice.

    I am sad about all of you heading to VT – and wondering why, sometimes I think people really see moving as a sign of a new era, or life, or a way to fix things, etc., but that doesn’t usually work that way. I love VT, but I guess for me it just would be less options work-wise, etc. I guess for L specifically I worry – I hope he finds something he likes there since he is pretty picky. But you know the boy and I will be up there, we are looking to get a vacation house there at some point.

    oh and I restarted a blog – but trying to keep rather anonymous, etc. took out some stuff, but in case you are bored 🙂 I am also trying to start a film blog but just have been WAY too busy with work and hockey lately.

  2. A, nice to see your “new” blog link! I have been craving to read some of your thoughts lately….

    Yeah, totally weird that everyone is picking up and moving. I honestly can’t wait to be near my family again, and get to walk out of my house and be able to walk/bike among the trees almost right away…

  3. seems like my friends keep moving, too. Just got news of another one today, leaving me to move over to your side of the country! How are the wedding plans?!

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