I haven’t been writing much recently. Life and business and exhaustion have been getting to me and this is always the first thing to go.

Getting married is a surreal experience. I’m not sure that I can even describe the sort of strange things that are going through my head all the time.

For example … we registered at Crate and Barrel. For the last several months I’ve been watching things disappear from the registry list. And now, 11 days before the wedding, I haven’t seen anything leave the registry in weeks! To me this is strange because I’m such a procrastinator that I ALWAYS wait until the last minute to buy a wedding gift. How is it that other people are so much better organized than I am? Will I ever be enough of an adult that I will buy wedding gifts in a timely fashion? It’s stupid, but that’s the kind of thing I have running through my head all the time.

And then there was the hullabaloo with not being able to find anyone to marry us. Whatever. That’s taken care of because tomorrow at 4:30 in the afternoon we’re going and getting married at the beautiful Cambridge City Hall. Easy as pie. But then will people who are traveling far distances feel like they’re getting ripped off because they’re not actually witnessing THE event. I don’t know. J and I are both thinking about the city hall ceremony as just taking care of the paperwork. Our wedding anniversary will always be June 24th. Shit, if we could find someone to just run the ceremony then we’d just keep it a secret that we were already hitched. But as is, everyone will know because there won’t be anyone technically there doing the marrying part. Oh well.

And I have SOOOOOOOO much left to do. Again, my procrastination comes around and kicks me in the ass. 11 days left and I think I pretty much saved everything until the absolute last fucking minute. I know, that’s just how I operate, but it does seem like I should have figured out that this wasn’t the time for that. Now I’m totally stressed and running around like a chicken with my head cut off and blah, blah, blah.

So yeah. As you can see I’m completely unintelligable right now. I just can’t wait for next week to show up so that I have the chance to spend a little bit of time relaxing before the day actually shows up. But knowing me, that relaxation time will turn into me finishing the billion projects I’ll still have left to do. Crikey.