Darwin Edwin Stone Brown-Waters was born at 6:23pm on Wednesday November 22nd. He weighed 7lbs, 13oz, and was 21.5 inches long.

He was born naturally, in a tub, with the support of my darling husband, my best friend, and the most amazing midwife and nurse combination I could have ever asked for.

I can’t believe I did it. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and it hurts every time I look at him.

I promise I’ll post pictures soon.

Much love.


One thought on “announcing

  1. Congrats to you Margaret, and although I don’t really know you, I have to say you picked a great day to have your baby! It’s my husband’s birthday too – and if you’re an astrology junkie at all, you will see that your little one has some special stars aligned for him.

    As for the 365 Lime popsicles, I just need to get to the market and by them. They sound perfect.

    All the best of luck with your new babe. Enjoy every moment you can and remember to relax. It’s overwhelming in the beginning – so go easy on yourself. lots of hugs!!!

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