Resolutions? I think not.

These are GOALS.

I weigh 150 pounds. That’s fine, right? I mean I just had a baby. No, in fact I didn’t. Today it’s been two months since I had Darwin and other than the 25 pounds I lost in the first week, I’ve only lost five pounds. Simply not acceptable. It’s not that I want to “get my body back”, but I’d really like to be able to fit into some of my clothing again. That would be awesome. Especially my favorite pair of jeans (sighs longingly).

So …

I need to eat better. And that’s both eating better things, and having better eating habits. No more “snacking” between meals, because these days “snacking” really means “eating an entire extra meal”. And if I am going to snack, it needs to be on healthier stuff. Try actually eating the two pounds of carrots sitting in the bottom of the fridge, Margaret.

Because of Darwin I have had to give up both dairy and wheat, which means that two of my three favorite foods in the world (cheese and bread) are both off the table. But the third, chocolate, is still going strong. I’ve had to switch to dark chocolate instead of milk, which is actually fine by me, but what I really need to do is just watch how much I’m eating. Just because cheese and bread are gone doesn’t mean that I can eat as much chocolate as I want to keep myself happy.

Also, I need to not eat because I’m bored. It’s hard … I’m around the house all day with the little man, and it’s nearly impossible to not just keep on eating all day long. What this means is that I have to do better with working on my projects, keeping myself entertained.

For my birthday (the 28th of January), my mom got me a year’s worth of yoga. Pretty frickin’ awesome. Now I just have to go. This means pumping extra milk so that J can be self-sufficient with Darwin … a little extra work on my part, but totally worth it. If it really is unlimited yoga for a year then I should be going as often as possible. It’ll be tough to start going back, but I really want to.

Also, I do a lot of walking, but I should be doing more. No two ways about it, I need to walk EVERY DAY.

And I need to take my vitamins and drink V8 every day too.

I think that’s about it for now. I’m sure I’ll add more later. Gotta go feed the little one.


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