what’s this happy crap?

Today’s my birthday. Yet another year when my birthday has been either totally uninteresting or sucked.

So I’m done. No more birthdays for me. You wanna get me presents, call me to wish me a happy day … that’s fine. But until I can really spend my birthday doing EXACTLY what I want, I’m done celebrating it.

Maybe when Darwin’s a little bit older and birthdays are super duper important to him, then they’ll seem like a big deal to me again. Honestly though, we’re just celebrating the passage of time. Nobody really remembers that this is the day when someone GAVE BIRTH to you, the day that you were brought into the world. That’s what should be celebrated. That’s where the hullabaloo should be.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


2 thoughts on “what’s this happy crap?

  1. Yep, I agree. I feel the exact same way about New Years. Why bother with it all? The only birthdays that don’t suck are the ones where I go snowboarding… and mostly so the day goes by quickly and I can hurry up and be done with it all. (BTW, I was going to stop over and visit earlier today, but our truck died…. we finally ended up borrowing my grandma’s car tonight. Sigh.)

  2. You are so right….I often think that mothers should be celebrated on the “birth day” not the person who was born. Its not about the passage of time but about the fact that someone gave birth to you. How amazing! Can’t wait to meet up at some point…

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