I am so excited to be going home. The next two months will both fly and drag by. We went down to Boston for the weekend to look for apartments, and ended up deciding to live in an apartment that some friends of ours own. It’s on the second floor of their house (they live on the first) and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Lots of windows, a GIANT back porch, a dining room, etc. Tons and tons of usable space. No dishwasher, which sucks, but since I have no dishwasher now, I’m totally used to it.

I’m just so excited that I’ll have people to hang out with, talk to, go to yoga with, play games with, go shopping with, have over for dinner, and just sit around and do nothing with. I’m so excited.


2 thoughts on “yippee!

  1. Oh god, ME TOO. You have no idea. Well, that’s not entirely true because I think I’ve made it eminently clear: I CAN’T WAIT!!

  2. Soooo happy for you!! You are too cute, all excited. Isn’t is weird how friendships can mean even more to us than we thought? Maybe that’s why distance can be good sometimes, helps us appreciate our friends/family more.

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