so much to tell!

I have a job … did I tell you that yet? No, probably not. I’m working as an administrative assistant for a small but prestigious product development company in Somerville. The office is 1 mile from my house, right off the bike path. My hours are 8am-12pm, which means that Darwin still gets to be my priority and I’ve got time to work on the website. There isn’t much for me to do right now, so the job is pretty frickin’ boring, but they’re paying me nonetheless. And we get dental.

The job is perfect.

This is my third week of work and up until this point Darwin’s been cared for by his grandmother, J’s mom. She’s not really the person I would choose to help me raise my child, but she’s got years and years of experience from running a daycare, she loves him intensely, and she’s free. We knew it wasn’t a long-term solution, but it was great for the short.

Today Darwin started daycare for real. I dropped him off at 7:30 this morning and I’m not picking him up until 6.

Guh …

This means that when I leave work today I’m going to have 6 hours entirely to myself. SIX. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had that much time to myself? Well, I can tell you … the last time that I had 6 uninterrupted hours to myself was in June 2006. Isn’t that sad?

So today I’m going to leave work, go to the gym, go home, do laundry, do dishes, clean the kitchen floor, plan and shop for dinner tonight, and then (if I have time) sit and watch a movie while I work on the curtains I’m making for my mom. Honestly, not so different from my normal days, except that now I’m going to be doing all of this BY MYSELF and that I don’t have to wait to do half this stuff until the boy is sleeping.

I’m half elated and the other half just wants to burst into tears.

This is just the beginning. He will get used to it. And he’ll almost definitely still love me when I pick him up.


One thought on “so much to tell!

  1. You’re BACK!!! I’m so happy! I’ve missed you, Miss Margaret! Congratulations on the job. You sound so energized by some time alone. Ok, I’m going to go read your other post now…

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