Now, I know that there have been rumors of this for months, but when I opened up my hotmail account this morning I found that those rumors are true …

New Kids on the Block are reuniting. They’re going to put out an album and go on tour and do all that real band stuff.

Do you think that they’re going to go for the same age bracket they appealed to before? Or are they going to try to re-interest their fans from before? You know, the ones who are all grown up and have kids of their own and may not actually have any real interest in NKOTB anymore? Not that I’m talking about anyone in particular here … ahem.

My real hope here is that this is going to spurn other bands to reunite and go on tour, because if Boys II Men shows up in Boston, I am there.


4 thoughts on “seriously?

  1. No. Way. Are you kidding me? I had the biggest crush on Jordan. I had a NKOTB beach towel with a huge picture of his face on it. It was super cool. (right?)
    And I’m there with you to see Boys II Men. Saw them in Hartford when I was in seventh grade? I might have cried. But that probably had more to do with my best friend making out with my boyfriend.
    Oh the drama! God, I’m glad middle school is so long gone. Poor Tessa, maybe I’ll let her skip those grades.

  2. Motown Philly, back again / doin’ a little east coast thing… dude, I’m so with you. Um, I also have a soft spot for TLC’s first album.

  3. oh oh oh oh oh, hangin tough. Loved nkotb. But I think I’d rather have Vanilla Ice back. Or maybe MC Hammer, because people look fat in Hammer Pants, so I’ll look skinnier next to them. We really come from a time of bad music. Good tv, though, don’t you think? I mean, Rainbow Brite? Carebears? The best! Punky Brewster?!

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