one week down

Well, I’m one week in to my six week yoga adventure. I am, in a word, exhausted. But that is partially my own fault, as I totally over-extended myself this past week (what with having two jobs, a baby, planning a birthday bash for my best friends, and starting this yoga thing).

I didn’t make it to 6 classes this week, I only actually made it to 3. And I spent a good long while beating myself up about it until I realized something … Do you know when the last time I went to 3 yoga classes in a week was? Oh, I don’t know, maybe 4 years ago! So who gives a shit if I didn’t make it to 6? Before this last week, in the last 3 years I had probably been to six yoga classes. So I did 3 and I’m incredibly proud of myself.

And I’m discovering what an absolute mess I’ve made of my body because I haven’t been taking care of it. My knees are shot, my wrists and ankles are weak, and my cardiovascular strength is non-existent. I know that the more I go, the better it gets though, so I’m going to keep on keeping on.

And maybe this week I’ll even make it to 4 or 5 classes. Who knows?


2 thoughts on “one week down

  1. Yeah!! Congrats! Keep up the good work. I think you already know the bene’s to sticking to it. Just keep up the good work, and be honest with yourself.


  2. How is your yoga adventure? I am signed up for a hot yoga challenge, too, but I keep having little crap come up that I use as excuses! I think my husband might beet me to it. Do you ever find that you don’t go when you know some kind of emotion is secretly festering below the surface? Yoga just seems to bring all that shit out, and although cathartic and ultimately peaceful, sometimes a little intimidating…

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