the waiting game

Friends and family,

Thank you all very much for your support.  I have recently been receiving an incredible outpouring of love and well-wishes and offers of help.  It’s wonderful.

But let me please say this … I have not made any decisions.  I don’t have any plans for leaving J, and so I have no immediate need for help.  Knowing that everyone is there to support me is wonderful, and helpful, and lets me know how widespread my safety net is.  But really, no decision has been made in either direction, and that’s how it needs to be right now.  Any questions about decisions simply make me feel pressured into doing something, anything.

So please, continue to let me know that I have your support, but don’t ask me what my plan is.  For right now I don’t have one, but if and when there is one, I will gladly share it.



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