quick notes …

There’s so much that I have been wanting to write recently, but I haven’t been setting aside the time to do it.  Even now I’m only here to give you little snippets of my life.

I’m planning a birthday party for Darwin.  He’s turning 2, which seems monumentally unreasonable.  He’s like a tornado these days and it’s utterly exhausting.  But he’s also gentle and kind and a beautiful human being.  I got frickin’ lucky.

A week ago I took a dance class … my first exercise-type thing since the 40 days yoga thing I did.  The dance class was awesome.  It’s NIA, which stands for Neuromuscular Integration Activity (a big fancy name for something that’s essentially new-age free-form jazzercise).  I frickin’ love it and am planning on going every week.

Since taking that class I’ve gone for two runs with the boy and a hike by myself.  I’m not willing to let my body be a reason for me to be upset anymore.  It’s something I actually have control over.  It’s time.

I’m feeling incredibly stressed about turning 30 in January.  It’s still a little ways off, but I feel it looming over me every day.

After Halloween I’m going to work on giving up sweets.  This is going to be worse than giving up smoking in a lot of ways.  God, I miss smoking …

I love fall.  I love the colors and the sounds and the rain and the rapidly dropping temperatures.  I love apple pie and soup.  I love going for hikes and having the ground covered with leaves that are the same color as the trees surrounding me.  I love gathering with friends for pumpking carving and hot cider.  I love hot chocolate before bed.

(See what I mean about how hard it’s going to be to give up sweets?)

Good night, my darlings.  When my mind is more settled I’ll write more cohesively.   XOXOXO


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