I’m bored.  I’m bored and it’s leading me down the slippery slope into depression.  And then because I’m feeling depressed I’m finding it impossible to do anything about my boredom.

I need a good, cheap project.  Maybe I’ll knit myself a prayer shawl.  Or maybe I’ll actually start learning how to play the guitar.  Maybe I’ll use the Home Depot gift card I’ve got and paint some room in my house.  Or I could work on making my own bagels.

Or maybe I’ll just curl up in a ball and feel overwhelmed by my life, because that’s what I’ve been doing … at least for the last 2 days.

I feel like this would all be easier if it was summer because I’d just go to the pond every single day.  Oh well.

Any suggestions out there for awesomely fun, cheap projects that’ll keep me entertained for the length of my unemployment???


2 thoughts on “boredom

  1. crochet. get yourself a copy of “The Happy Hooker” and teach yourself if you don’t already know how. Then try using recycled plastic bags to make stuff. It’s addictive.

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