I think that if Darwin had been born a girl that my relationship would already be over.  Somehow it seems to me that the single mother of a girl would have a much easier time than the single mother of a boy.  I find myself worrying a lot about my son having a primary strong male influence in his life.  While he is surrounded by many wonderful men, I think that his life would be greatly improved by having a father.

Is that strange?  Am I wrong to be worrying about it so much?


One thought on “boys

  1. That does strike me as an odd thought. It implies that you are assuming that if you did separate, that J wouldn’t be ‘a father’ anymore? Or not around somehow? Perhaps you are guessing you wouldn’t necessarily end up in the same city, etc., but one could make that a priority. In my (not a mom yet tho) opinion, I think the most important thing is for a child to grow up in a stable environment, one that you’d be fine w/ him choosing for himself. If one is in a relationship where there is a lack of respect, or joy, or stability, or whatnot, I would guess that’s more damaging than having a single parent. I wish my parents had divorced *way* before they did.

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