For a while I couldn’t help but be impressed. I left and he started taking responsibility, doing the things he said he would do, turning into a real parent … all the things that drove me so far away from him. And so I started questioning whether or not I had made the right decision. I started seeing a different person than the one I had become so accustomed to and fed up with.

But now I see. Now it has become clear that this was simply a temporary change. This new person, this improved and impressive man that I thought I was seeing, was just a facade. He still expects me to take the same role even if we are no longer a couple. I am still going to be the person who does the majority of the work, the person who handles everything and makes the decisions, the only one who ever deals with backlash or repercussions of any kind.

Now I see. Now I understand. And now I know what I did was right.


One thought on “confirmation

  1. You did do the right thing. And unfortunately, you will bear the brunt of the anger for a while. But I hope you don’t continue to take the same role you used to take, because you need to leave that in your past. I think as time goes by, it will only get clearer that you made the right decision.


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