I am flabbergasted, astounded, stupefied, and pissed as all holy hell.

When discussing our split, J was incredibly insistent that he and I needed to share equal time with Darwin. His idea was to trade back and forth every single day. I managed to convince him that that arrangement would be much too confusing for the little one, but he still wanted to make sure that the time was split as equally as possible. We came up with a 3/4 split … 3 days for J and 4 for me.

Of course, we also knew that flexibility was key in trying to create a custody arrangement that actually worked.

Unfortunately though, J’s definition of flexibility seems to be that I take Darwin on days that are not mine, put in more effort, and still do all the work whenever there’s anything that has anything to do with our child.

And the worst part is that I’m surprised. The worst part is that I actually thought that bringing this extreme change of circumstances into the marriage would shock J into figuring out how to be a good, loyal, attentive, participating father. Shows how much I know, and that I’m still a complete idiot when it comes to believing him.


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